We Offer Professional Installation of Backflow Prevention Devices
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Protect Your Drinking Water Supply Against Contamination

Rely on Modley’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for backflow prevention devices in Beckley, WV. Protecting the drinking water supply from cross contamination is critical for maintaining human health. Backflow prevention devices are an important component of your plumbing system and Modley’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offers professionally licensed installation of these critical protective components.

Backflow prevention devices are mechanized systems that are placed within your plumbing system to prevent the harmful backflow of non-potable water into your potable drinking water supply. These devices are installed at the water service entry point to your property and can be relied upon to protect the water system from contamination. Contact us today online or by calling (304) 253-HELP (4357).

Modley’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is fully certified and licensed to install and test backflow preventers.

Without a properly installed backflow prevention device, potable water can easily become cross-contaminated with harmful microorganisms from your sewer system and other hazardous downstream sources. For example, if the water pressure of your plumbing system is higher than that of the municipal system, contaminated water can backflow into the municipal system because water always moves from high pressure to low pressure when unrestricted.

This can occur if a water main breaks or if the fire company taps into a hydrant to create a low-pressure situation within the municipal supply or if a residential or commercial water pressure is artificially boosted to increase water pressure within the private plumbing system. This problem can be avoided with the installation of a certified backflow prevention system.

Backflow Preventers Protect the Water Supply From Contamination

Backflow prevention devices are utilized to protect the water supply against possible contamination from crossed connections. The installation of backflow preventers is required by law in most vicinities and is strongly recommended for all other plumbing system installations.

Modley’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offers certified testing of existing backflow prevention systems and we are licensed to install new units for homes and businesses, as well. We can also install vacuum breakers on outdoor plumbing units, such as hose bibs, to prevent potentially contaminated water from being siphoned back through the hose and into the potable water supply.

Prevent harmful cross contamination from toxic and harmful substances such as lawn chemicals, pet wastes, cleaning chemicals, heavy precipitation overflow, and sewer systems with a quality backflow prevention system installation from Modley’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

There are several simple steps that you can take right now to prevent backflow from contaminating the potable water supply:

Do Not Allow Water Hoses to Sit in Buckets of Water or in Puddles on the Ground

Do Not Spray Insecticides or Cleaning Agents With Units That Attach to Your Hose

When Washing Pets, Ensure That an Appropriate Spray Nozzle is Installed

Watts Backflow Preventers Installed in Beckley, WV

Let Modley’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. protect your water supply from contamination by harmful and/ or deadly organisms. Contact our office staff to schedule your appointment to have a quality backflow preventer installed or to have your unit tested today: (304) 253-HELP [4357] We recommend and install Watts Backflow Preventers for our clients in Beckley, WV and surrounding regions. We test, repair, and work on all brands of backflow devices, as well.

Contact Modley’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today! Protect your municipal or well water from contamination. Call (304) 253-HELP [4357] for backflow prevention devices in Beckley, WV.

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